Mock Prison Riot


The Mock Prison Riot is a four-day, comprehensive law enforcement and corrections tactical and technology experience, including 44,000 square feet of exhibit space, training scenarios, technology demonstrations, technology assessments and evaluations, certification workshops, a Skills Competition, and unlimited opportunities for feedback, networking, and camaraderie on a global scale.

The Mock Prison Riot is the only venue of its kind where law enforcement and corrections practitioners can touch, see, and actually deploy technologies from the showcase under real-world conditions, utilizing the grounds of the decommissioned West Virginia Penitentiary to maximum advantage.

Event Specifics

April 30th, 2017 – May 3rd, 2017. Not open to the Public.

General Information

The Mock Prison Riot is a program of the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice and an initiative of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation, a 501(c)(3(3) non-profit corporation.

Contact Information

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