Halloween Season

Much more than a Haunted House

The options are endless during the Halloween season but we know that we will be at the top of your list when it comes to a chilling experience. You have not experienced a true Halloween if you haven’t attended one of our Halloween special events.


Dungeon of Horrors

Over 10,000 people each year are introduced to one of the scariest places behind bars! Get your tickets so you can experience the fright of being locked in a cell, the fear of being lost in a maze, and the terror of an eerie walk through the dungeon of horrors. Will you manage to keep up with your group and not get separated? Do you have what it takes to make it through? Don’t worry, our actors will be there to help you along……

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The North Walk

The North Walk will take you through the oldest part of the former West Virginia Penitentiary. It is also known as the area with the most paranormal activity, a place where murders, violence and brutality were common everyday occurrences. This was where the most dangerous inmates were housed, the maximum security area, North Hall; the inmates called it – The Alamo. You will enter this part of the prison through the “Administration Building” and the “wheel” – these areas have been closed to the public for years and only opened for the Haunted House season. The North Walk is NOT an attraction, but a flashlight tour of an area that was once considered one of the bloodiest institutions in the nation.

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Zombie Paintball

Zombies are loose on the South Yard, and it’s up to you to save us all! Grab one of our stationary paintball guns and do your best with a live, unarmed zombie and our stationary targets. Please do NOT bring any of your own equipment! The paintball guns that are approved for this event are mounted to a table and can only be swiveled enough to aim and shoot at the designated targets. You will not engage in combat and will not be shot by paintballs!

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Halloween Bash

Your ticket purchase will take you through the prison’s dark halls and into a section of the facility that confined some of the most depraved inmates ever hidden from the public. There will be games, live entertainment, music, a costume contest, raffles, refreshments, dancing & of course the prison itself! Costumes are encouraged!

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Kid’s Night

We invite children 12 and under to join us in the Moundsville Center (located through the North Wagon Gate) for KID’S NIGHT! This is a trick-or-treat style event, where children will spend time gathering goodies from several tables, playing games, taking pictures on a fire truck, face painting, and having FUN.. ALL FOR A GREAT CAUSE!

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Family Night

We welcome families with children ages 7 -12 to join us for “Lil Dungeon of Horrors” from 6p – 8p! This is a scaled-down version of our haunted house specifically designed for younger children that might not be ready for the “full” Dungeon.

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