Events for Everyone

We make the prison a great place to learn, experience, and even celebrate. Come join us during our exclusive events and experience a different side to the penitentiary.


Upcoming Events

Take a look at our calendar and see what upcoming events you can purchase tickets for now.

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Halloween Specials

When it comes to Halloween, we know scary. Of all the places to visit during the Halloween season, we are a sure stop. Take a look at our exclusive Halloween events.

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Special Events

We are always looking for different ways to entertain our guest and give them a new experience. Whether it be a escape game or drinking tea with a princess, we have special events all year long we invite you to enjoy.

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Escape the Pen

Live escape games are a type of physical (not virtual) adventure game in which people are locked in a themed room with other participants. They have to use different elements within the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. (60 mins) Participants must be observant and use their critical/lateral thinking skills to escape the room.

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