Daily Tours

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We offer several options for our daily guests. Whether you want to come alone or visit with a group, find out more information about our tours.

Our tour season operates from April throughout November!


Historical Daily Tours

This guided 90 minute tour walks you through this Gothic-style structure and focuses on the main level of our facility Tuesday through Sunday during the months of June through November. You will visit the recreation yards, visitation rooms, and cafeteria. You will also be allowed into the cellblocks, which housed the most dangerous and violent inmates.

Tickets for the daily tours are available online for June only. 

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History Mystery Mondays

Come take a 90-minute guided, daylight tour any Monday during the months of  June, July, and August. This tour is faster paced than a normal day tour, as there will be more areas to visit, and is not stroller or wheelchair accessible. You will hear the fascinating history that is West Virginia Penitentiary, and enjoy some tales of the paranormal while exploring a few areas that are normally off-limits to day tours.

Tickets for History Mystery Mondays are available online for June only. 

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Photography Tours

Introducing West Virginia Penitentiary’s Photography Tour!  This is not a guided tour, you will be roaming at your own pace and leisure. The gate will be opened approximately 15 minutes prior to the tour time for check-in. Each photographer is responsible for their own equipment, and is required to sign a waiver/agreement upon check-in.

Photography Tour Tickets must be purchased online!

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Group Tours

Group Tours at the former WV Penitentiary are 90-minutes of history, education, fun and interaction with your tour guide about cold, hard facts.

Please call (304) 845-6200 to schedule your group of 20 or more!

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