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Minimum of 4 Players to open a room

Maximum of 8 players

Games must be booked at least a week in advance for staff scheduling purposes

Private Game

Escape the Pen: The Execution

In a surprising move, the Governor of West Virginia has ordered a one-hour stay of execution for an inmate at the West Virginia State Penitentiary. Inmate Lefty Lafferty was scheduled to be put to death today, but in a bizarre turn of events, the Governor halted the electric chair execution due to new information that was received just hours ago. Details are not available, but a source close to the administration has said that a special investigative team is being dispatched to the Penitentiary.

The Governor received an anonymous tip, rumored to have been sent via fax, that listed details about the crime Lefty is being charged with – our source indicated that there are details included that no one could have known. After brief consideration, the execution has been halted for one hour.