Dungeon of Horrors


Get your tickets so you can experience the fright of being locked in a cell, the fear of being lost in a maze, and the terror of an eerie walk through the dungeon of horrors. Will you manage to keep up with your group and not get separated? Do you have what it takes to make it through? Don’t worry, our actors will be there to help you along……


General Information

If you are planning to attend the North Walk on the same night, you MUST schedule the North Walk first. The North Walk and the Dungeon of Horrors are both timed-entry events. It will take you at least 45 – 55 minutes to complete the North Walk.

Tickets for the Dungeon of Horrors are available online until 6:00pm the day of. Please print your booking receipt, or take a screenshot, and present for verification of ticket purchase. We will scan the QR code on your ticket. Certain cellphone carriers have little to no service in the town of Moundsville.

For guaranteed entrance, tickets MUST be purchased online. You chose your time. Do not wait to purchase tickets, they sell out quickly!! There is a very LIMITED amount of tickets available at the door. We will not hold tickets.

It is very important that you are on time! Due to the nature of our show, there is a possibility that we will fall behind on calling groups in. We will ask that you remain patient.

IF you have missed going in with your time slot, you will not be guaranteed entrance. We will try to work you into another open group, but if we are sold out, there will be nothing we can do.

There are NO refunds on any ticket sales.

**The Dungeon of Horrors does contain the use of strobe lights, fog machines, enclosed areas, and several actors/mechanics to abruptly frighten you. If you have a medical condition that is triggered by any of the aforementioned, we strongly suggest that you do NOT attend.

**The Dungeon of Horrors is NOT wheelchair/stroller accessible. There are tight areas and staircases.

**Expect to encounter LIVE BATS. 

**We do NOT recommend allowing anyone under the age of 13 to attend this event. (See Family Night)

**If you are inebriated (drunk) you will NOT be permitted inside. You will be considered a safety hazard and a danger to yourself and our actors- YOU WILL WAIT FOR YOUR GROUP ELSEWHERE!!

**Upon entrance to the Dungeon of Horrors, you release Moundsville Economic Development Council and the West Virginia Division of Corrections from any claims as a result of injuries or damages.



  • Don’t touch us. We won’t touch you, except when help is needed.
  • No pushing or shoving.
  • No food or drinks.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted. If you have consumed alcohol, you will not attend this haunted house.
  • Tobacco use is NOT permitted on the grounds. NO SMOKING.
  • No profanity.
  • No lighters, flashlights, cameras, or cell phones. In addition, if you choose to bring any personal property with you, we are not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged. We will not help you look for missing items.
  • No urinating anywhere in this haunted house. Areas include, but not limited to, the cells, the maze, the south yard, corner of building, etc. Portable bathrooms are available– USE THEM.

If you are caught violating any of the above rules, you will be removed from the Dungeon. We will confiscate any items that are prohibited. There are several law enforcement officers on hand every show night, we have a zero tolerance policy.


Event Specifics

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Tickets may not be on sale for certain events.

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