(Cancelled due to COVID-19)Saturday, June 27th, 2020 from 11:00am – 8:00pm

Celebrate the supernatural in one of America’s most haunted prison’s. Built in 1866 this Gothic fortress was intended to lock away some of West Virginia’s most dangerous criminals. In its 129 years of operational history, this maximum security correctional facility saw 998 documented deaths including 94 executions at the hands of the state’s capital punishment laws. This left behind a powerful energy that many believe remains behind these bars, and many say that the lost souls of these inmates can still be heard from to this day!

Join us for this one of kind paranormal event, complete with SPECIAL GUESTS, speakers, vendors, and an “off-limits” tour through the penitentiary.

For the bravest of guests (18 years of age or older), a V.I.P. overnight paranormal investigation will be offered after the convention ends, to attempt to make communication with the spirits of those who lost their lives in this Gothic prison. This is a free-roam investigation with the opportunity of investigating in part with the Special Guests! Tickets must be purchased online, and they will sell out quickly!

Alcohol is NOT permitted during this event INCLUDING the overnight investigation. You may bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages with you for the overnight investigation. You may also bring cameras, chargers, cellphones, flashlights, and extra batteries!!

V.I.P Pass holders will need to print and sign the Paranormal Agreement to bring with you for the investigation. No one will be permitted to investigate without a signed agreement.

V.I.P Pass holders please note: The Para-Con is located inside of our convention center (through the North Gate on 8th Street), and will conclude at 8:00pm. You will have two (2) hours in between the convention and the ghost hunt at which time you will need to vacate the premises in order for us to prepare for the overnight and clean the convention center. The overnight investigation begins at 10:00pm. You will need to park and meet at the main tour entrance (located along Jefferson Avenue) where the main gate will open for you roughly at 9:45pm. We suggest that you take those few hours of time in between the convention and investigation to gather any equipment and materials that you may wish to bring with you, or grab a bite to eat before the investigation begins. Please bring all items from your vehicle that you may need. We will not allow you to return to your vehicle and re-enter the investigation.



(includes access to the convention space with speakers, vendors, and special guests.) 11:00am to 8:00pm

V.I.P. PASS: $100 (Must be 18 years old and older. NO EXCEPTIONS!) Limit of 60 passes available!
(standard pass + overnight paranormal investigation of the West Virginia Penitentiary.) 10:00pm to 4:00am

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