Elizabethtown Festival


Established by the Moundsville Economic Development Council (MEDC), this heritage festival takes place in Moundsville, WV, where from 1832 until 1866 the area was called Elizabethtown, named to honor Elizabeth, the wife of city founder Joseph Tomlinson.

The goal of the festival is to instill in visitors a sense of the history of the area while providing entertainment and bringing economic development to the region and the State of West Virginia.

Event Specifics

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General Information

Objectives of the Festival

  1. To establish a quality 1800’s area festival that would appeal to an entire family, encouraging the family to participate as a unit to strengthen family ties while being entertained.
  2. To acquaint visitors with a living history of the 1800’s era.
  3. To provide a meaningful community activity supported by over 100 volunteers.
  4. To encourage economical gain for quality craft exhibitors and regional businesses as well as the state of West Virginia.

The event is the collaboration effort of not only exhibitors from surrounding states, but also the City of Moundsville, the Marshall County Commission, the WV Division of Culture and History and the WV Division of Tourism, as well as many local businesses and volunteers.

Contact Information

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