Tours for Everyone

When you think of a tour, you think of a group of people walking and listening to a guide. This might be exactly what you are looking for, or you might be looking for something extremely different. We offer several varieties for that reason

Day Tours

This guided 90 minute tour walks you through this gothic-style structure and focuses on the main level of our facility. You will visit the recreation yards, visitation rooms, and cafeteria. You will also be allowed into the cellblocks, which house the most dangerous and violent inmates.

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3-Hour Investigations

This is not your average tour. During our select 3-Hour investigation tours, you will get a 90-minute guided tour and then set loose to roam on your own. Bring your flashlight, camera, and any other equipment you need to investigate.

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Overnight Investigations

If things aren’t spooky enough during the day, you can visit the prison overnight. You will start with a 90-minute guided tour and the rest of the night is your own. If you are searching for paranormal activities or just want to experience the penitentiary at midnight, here is a great chance.

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