Private Paranormal

Touring the Penitentiary

Plan your own Private Paranormal Investigation (PPI) in our facility select nights beginning at 11:59pm! Include a maximum of twenty (20) ghost hunters, or come all by yourself, to seek out the spirits that live here. PPI’s are available on selected Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights!

Please call 304-845-6200 to schedule a Private Paranormal Investigation (PPI) should your needed date not appear on the PPI website calendar. Availability of staff for your requested date will be determined at that time.

You will receive a 90-minute guided tour, then set loose to roam on your own. Make sure to bring your flashlights, cameras, extra batteries, and any investigative equipment that you might need!! You are allowed to bring snacks, refreshments, and coolers. NO ALCOHOL!

Pricing and Hours

  • 6 Hours: Times to be determined by the calendar
  • $1099 plus tax
  • PRIVATE* with a maximum of 20 people allowed
  • Paranormal Agreement

General Guidelines

Reservations must be made online with a $349.00 non-refundable deposit. One (1) person must be responsible for booking and supplying a valid mailing address, email address, and phone number. An invoice for the remaining $750 balance will be sent within ten (10) business days. Payment is due sixty (60) days prior to your event date.

There is no heat or air conditioning throughout our facility. Our facility will be extremely HOT in the summer and extremely COLD in the winter. Please dress accordingly to the weather. This tour does involve climbing stairs, as well as walking outdoors.

The front gate will be locked prior to the beginning of the tour. Do not be late. All staff and attendees will go on tour together, and will not be able to let you in.

Please bring in with you all items that you will need from your vehicle upon arrival, as you will not be permitted to leave the front gate and return. There is abundant space in the main lobby and museum area for your belongings.

The smoking section is located on the South Yard. This is the only area you are permitted to use ANY tobacco products.

IMPORTANT: Please print and complete the Paranormal Agreement and bring with you, along with your confirmation email and/or booking receipt. Every attendee in your group must complete an individual agreement, you will not be permitted to investigate without a signed agreement.

Event Specifics

For a closer look at the event specifics, available dates, and times please click the link listed below.

Tickets may not be on sale for certain events.

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