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Quick Details

All tickets and payments are non-refundable.

We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.


• Get your tickets today so you can experience the fright of being locked in a cell, the fear of being lost in a maze, and the terror of a nightmarish walk through our Dungeon of Horrors.

• Will you manage to keep up with your group and not get separated? Do you have what it takes to make it through? Don’t worry, our actors will be there to help you along……

General Information

NO ALCOHOL! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our parking areas and/or inside of our facility. Alcohol consumption is not permitted prior to your event. You will be considered a risk to yourself, other participants, and our property. If alcohol consumption is suspected, you will be removed from, or denied entry to, the event and not issued a refund.


If you are planning on attending both the Dungeon of Horrors and the North Walk on the same night, then you MUST schedule to do the North Walk first for timing purposes. When scheduling to do both events, you will want to give yourself at least an hour and 15 minutes in between each event. The Dungeon can fall behind schedule, so we highly recommend scheduling to do the North Walk first.

It is very important that you are on time!

  • IF you are late and have missed going in with your time slot, you will not be guaranteed entrance. We will try to work you into another open group, but if we are sold out, there will be nothing we can do.

There are NO refunds on any ticket sales.


The Dungeon of Horrors is NOT wheelchair accessible.

Every 15 minutes we will take a group of 24 into the Dungeon. From there, that group of 24 will be broken into smaller groups of 6 people.

The Dungeon of Horrors utilizes fog machines, multiple strobe lights, low ceilings, stairs, jump scares, claustrophobia, and general disorientation. If you have a medical condition that is triggered by any of the aforementioned, we strongly suggest that you do NOT attend.

The Dungeon of Horrors is a NO TOUCH haunt. We employ several underage, high school children. Please do not touch, grab, or speak inappropriately to our children. Touching an underage person could lead to a felony charge and we do have police officers on site nightly.