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Quick Details

Online ticket sales end at 6:00pm the day of. Please purchase your tickets prior to 6:00pm on the day you plan to attend.


Ticket sales are LIMITED! We’ve lowered our customer capacity. Buying tickets online is the only way to guarantee your entrance into the North Walk!

The North Walk will take you through the oldest part of the former West Virginia Penitentiary.

It is also known as the area with the most paranormal activity, a place where murders, violence and brutality were common everyday occurrences. This was where the most dangerous inmates were housed, the maximum security area, North Hall; the inmates called it – The Alamo.

You will enter this part of the prison through the “Administration Building” and the “wheel” – these areas have been closed to the public for years and only opened for the Haunted House season. The North Walk is NOT an attraction, but a flashlight tour of an area that was once considered one of the bloodiest institutions in the nation.

The North Walk is not a staged attraction. You will not see Halloween props or have any actors scare you. The North Walk is a guided tour led by one of our regular tour guides. You will hear real stories of the prison and have the opportunity to experience real paranormal activity. There will be no lights on for this event. Just you, your group, our tour guide, and a flashlight.

This event is NOT wheelchair accessible.

IF you are late, you will not be guaranteed entrance. We will try to work you into another open group, but if we are sold out, there will be nothing we can do.

There are NO refunds on any ticket sales.

If you are planning on attending the Dungeon of Horrors the same night, you MUST schedule to do the North Walk first for timing purposes. When scheduling to do both events, you will want to give yourself at least an hour and 15 minutes in between each event. The Dungeon can fall behind schedule, so we highly recommend scheduling to do the North Walk first.

Tickets must be purchased online.

NO ALCOHOL! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our parking areas and/or inside of our facility. Alcohol consumption is not permitted prior to your event. You will be considered a risk to yourself, other participants, and our property. If alcohol consumption is suspected, you will be removed from, or denied entry to, the event and not issued a refund.